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Lateshia Taylor 

Lateshia Taylor is a research assistant at the JCCR university office and has been a member of our research family for ten years.  She loves to travel and try new outdoor adventures with her son, Shumbae. And when she says adventures, she’s talking zip-lining, camping and river-rafting. Her favorite sport is football and she is a Jaguars fan, but as the mom of a busy six-year-old, she also appreciates quiet time reading and the occasional pampering pedicure or massage.

While she tells us that she doesn’t really have a favorite food, she does warn us that she will NOT eat peas or beans. She hates peas and beans.

Lateshia admits that her guilty pleasure is messy reality TV, but since she just moved into a new house, we doubt that she’ll have much time to indulge in that for a while.  She will be occupied with decorating and arranging her new space – making a home sweet home.

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, August 4, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Lori Alexander 

Lori is the site director for St. Johns Center for Clinical Research. She is also a registered dietitian and past president of the Jacksonville Dietetic Association. She is a founding member of the Florida Lipid Association and is currently serving as the President of the Southeast Lipid Association.

Not only does Lori know a lot about lipids and lipid management, she is a national champion in Karate with a 4th degree black belt. Her expertise in martial arts also includes Taekwondo, Tai Chi and kickboxing. She is an avid outdoors-woman who enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and hang-gliding.

Lori is a wine connoisseur and enjoys traveling to wine country as well as to visit family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. She and her husband have two young adult children who also live in the north Florida area.

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, July 7, 2015 1:18:00 PM

Gary Fusani 

I graduated from UNF in 2010, and will soon begin my sixth year with the Encore Research Group! I’m a software developer; I design and program the systems our staff use every day to run clinical studies. I’ve helped create our website and management software, as well as a data capture system that has allowed us to work with local drug companies. I’m proud and grateful to manage our database of nearly 60,000 patients and do my part in advancing medical research.

I’m also part of a start-up company called Optimal Bagging, we won the technology category at One Spark three weeks ago for our design of the world’s fastest trash bag! It was a lot of fun, check us out at http://www.fastestbag.com/

Outside of work I enjoy training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and surfing. I love video games too, they were very influential in giving me an early interest in computers. I’m also a big fan of music and a decent guitar player. My friends and family are the most important to me and I spend a lot of time with them.

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, May 5, 2015 1:16:00 PM

Lionel Gatien, DO 

Lionel Gatien, DO is a triple threat. By that, we mean that he is board certified in gerontology, internal medicine and quality assurance. Add to this resume, he is a seasoned clinical trial investigator, and you have a physician who really knows his stuff.

Dr. Gatien is the medical director of Fleming Island Center for Clinical Research which was established in 2009. But well before that – 1998, in fact, he was active in clinical research through Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research on University Blvd. His most recent research project involves evaluating a new class of cholesterol lowering medication that is potentially changing the treatment options in cardiovascular medicine.

When he is not busy with research and private practice, he enjoys the outdoors and travel. He and his wife, Katherine, live on a farm where they delight in their grandchildren, dogs and horses.

Dr. Gatien’s demonstrated expertise in medicine and most importantly, quality patient care, contributes to the stellar reputation of research on the First Coast in general and at Fleming Island Center for Clinical Research specifically.

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, April 7, 2015 1:12:00 PM

Courtney Tadewald 

I do my part for the Encore Research community by introducing patients to exciting research opportunities right in their area! I strive to help patients have the best research experience possible right from the start by going above and beyond to answer any questions that they may have about specific programs and by accommodating their schedules.

I was born on Jekyll Island and raised in HOTlanta (Atlanta) Georgia where I started my career in research as a young professional assisting with focus groups. At St. Johns Center for Clinical Research, I enjoy varied clinical roles- from research assistant to recruiter.

My husband and I met in St. Augustine in 2006 and we were married there in 2009. And I can now say that I live on an island! That is, Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, and it truly is so beautiful. We are outnumbered by our pets - two cats and two dogs - all rescue animals. In our spare time, we enjoy volunteering in Bible education work and playing couple's beach volleyball whenever we can. 

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, March 10, 2015 1:09:00 PM

Alex Hill 

Since Spring of 2013, Alex has been a wonderful addition to our research family. He has been a Research Assistant at two Encore Research sites; starting at Fleming Island Center for Clinical Research and currently at Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research (University Blvd).

Alex is a man of many hobbies, some of which include: plant breeding "Nepeta cataria citriodora" (Citrus Cat Nip), lampworking, bead making, cycling, and gardening. In fact, Alex's garden is called Eir and is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and he has formed an LLC (Limited Liability Company) named Lyfberg which is Icelandic for "Healing Hill" which will take his gardening hobby to a professional level.

When Alex is not busy with all of those hobbies, he may be seen collecting heirloom seeds, millefiori glass (Italian for "thousand flowers"), or pokemon cards. His favorite food is a cheeseburger, even a veggie burger, and he is currently working on a recipe for a veggie burger with mostly beans, seeds, and rice.

If you noticed Alex's photo, you might have guessed that his favorite football team is the Jaguars. He also enjoys The Flash comic and TV show. His favorite video game is Halo and card game is pokemon (Gotta Catch 'Em All!) 

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, January 27, 2015 1:06:00 PM

Cynthia Buda 

"I do my part by managing the Fleming Island Office of Encore Research." On a daily basis I work as a Research Nurse Manager of our Fleming Island site supporting the Physician Investigators and staff in conducting clinical trials being carried out in our office. I am an original “Cheese Head” born in Green Bay Wisconsin and transplanted to Central Florida at the age of 10. I moved to Jacksonville for college and made Jacksonville my home. My greatest accomplishment is my four children. I enjoy family, cycling, travel and fishing. 

Posted by Rebecca Plante Monday, December 22, 2014 1:01:00 PM

Kim Siddell 

I have been a part of JCCR, working at the Inverness site since October 1, 2005. I started out as a research assistant and then became a SC. In 2007, following my mother's footsteps, I took my ACRP coordinator exam and became a CCRC. I love my job and am proud to work with such an amazing group of people and one of the best PI's around!

I have two daughters; a soon to be eight year old and a very grown seven month old who keep me very busy!

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether it be going out on the boat or catching a movie. I despise seafood of any kind. I love salty carbs, they are my bitter enemy! When I was younger, I rode horses, mainly quarter horses, they are my favorite animal! I was a barrel racer- Again, thanks to my mom, a pretty good one. My favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine and my favorite TV shows are the Knick (MUST SEE) and The Walking Dead.

I am currently working towards my nursing degree at the College of Central Florida. I plan to apply in the spring of 2015 and continue my education towards a master in nursing before I die. It's on my bucket list! 

Posted by Rebecca Plante Monday, November 24, 2014 12:58:00 PM

Joyce Williams 

If you have ever stepped foot into the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research building on University Blvd. then you have probably met Joyce M. Williams. Joyce has been the “Director of First Impressions” here since March 2, 1998, and she became the first African American shareholder at JCCR in 2003.

Joyce is an ordained minister! She attended Jacksonville Theological Seminary and graduated in May 2007 with an Associate’s Degree in Religious Arts of Biblical Studies. She is very involved in her church; she is the Lead Vocalist, #1 Choir Director, Church Secretary, President of the Missionary Board, and Deaconess.

If all of this doesn't keep Joyce busy enough, she also collects thimbles - she has over one hundred! She also loves to color large coloring pads and books. Some of Joyce’s favorite foods are spaghetti, fried chicken and seafood. If you have met Joyce, you can agree that she has a great love for her job and all the people that she meets. 

Posted by Rebecca Plante Tuesday, August 5, 2014 11:00:00 AM