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Doing my part 

a message from Susan N. Greco, MD

After 15 years of conducting clinical research trials, I’ve seen many investigational therapies come and go.  Some have gone on to become household names, and others have fizzled out for various reasons.  I’m a big believer in the clinical trial process, and I’m proud to say I’ve done my part in testing the safety and efficacy of these treatments.  However, my greatest source of pride is the difference that my colleagues and I sometimes make in our research patients’ everyday lives.  Clinical trials require thorough exams and evaluations for research subjects, and we’ve diagnosed all sorts of medical issues, often unrelated to the disease or treatment under study.  We’ve helped scores of patients to better understand their medication regimens and to navigate their way through their health concerns.  I’m humbled by our volunteers’ determination and strength as they struggle with chronic diseases, and I’m grateful that ‘doing my part’ allows me to offer novel therapies that may relieve their suffering and improve their lives.

Posted by Amy Autry Bush Monday, September 29, 2014 1:18:00 PM Categories: Breakthroughs

Michael J Koren, MD, FACC Speaks on New Cholesterol Treatments 

Our own Dr. Koren recently attended the American College of Cardiology Conference in Washington D.C., where he was interviewed about the Encore Research Group's involvement in an exciting Phase III trial.                                         


"... We saw an average LDL Cholesterol lowering, without statins, of 57 percent, compared to Ezetimibe (Zetia) which was an 18 percent reduction..."

"... HDL increased slightly using Evolocumab, statistically signficant compared to Ezetimibe or placebo, about 6 to 8 percent."                                         


> View the full video here

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